Game 1: Home vs Barrie FC

Preamble: After 4 months of sitting and sleeping I decided to do some extreme stretching and strained both hamstrings.  Dunno if you noticed how hobbled I was, but it was bad.  More on that later.

The started off full of promise. We had a bunch of new recruits show up, and it was awesome.  There is a pretty strong correlation in this league between having subs and winning games.  That connection and our confidence was on display early, as we had numerous chances to take the lead but just could not finish any of them.  The fact they started with 8 or 9 guys helped too.  About midway through the first Mike “The Finisher” Sutton caught the goalie cheating and buried a nice shot pretty well in the center of the net.  We had our lead, and things looked good.

After the half the game evened out somewhat, though on balance we were still getting the majority of the chances.  About halfway through Sutton found himself mano a mano with the goalie and showed some soft feet by nudging the ball into the net super slo mo style when both hesitated to avoid a collision.  Being up 2-0 the outcome seemed assured and we started looking for more chances.

With about 5 minutes to go we turned the ball over and they swarmed like like a nest of fire ants.  Why fire ants you say?  Cuz even though Mike “The Last Line” Christie did his best to stop the attack they stung us on the 3 on 1.  Still though, what are their chances with 2 minutes left right?

Well, cue Sargeant Gimpington.  On the last play of the game they put a free kick to Miles (my guy on that play, who left my crippled ass in the dust) who tucked in a goal similar to Sutton’s second in that both players kind of froze and then there was the lightest of touches that scored.  It ended 2-2, though it felt like a loss.

On the bright side, we have 6 new players.  There were some growing pains, but that is to be expected.  Things will sort out as we get used to playing styles.

Man of the Match: Mike “The Deuce Dropper” Sutton





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