A Red Tie Affair

Coming into week 2 we were a confident bunch. The new additions really showed some promise and we had more subs (always a key advantage if you’ve ever noticed).

Bradford came out smart with their typical tikki takka crisp passing plays, and there was heavy pressure, But we adjusted, a short time later a beautiful pass from Daryl to Iain “New Guy #3” Hill resulted in a blast that found the back on the net.  We were up by 1 at half.

In the second, Bradford found their footing.  Their 1-2s and passing resulted a few near misses, and on a very clear offside a shot found Gilewicz, whose clearing attempt ricocheted off our D to one of their guys, who calmly placed one in the side.  Their pressure continued, and about 10 mins later a ball through the area resulted in a tap in.  They were up 2 -1… and teams from years past may have wilted.

But not this team.

Moments later a another nice pass, this time from Ryan “Dirk Dangler” Davison (2nd assist by Daryl on this one too, btw) resulted a beautiful Mike “Definitely Onside”  Sutton finish. The game ended 2-2, but not without some hairy moments for us at the end.

Special thanks to our Goalies Ryan and Chris (they have punched their tickets for the year).

Man of the Match: Daryl “Crosby” LaPointe.

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