Game 3: Staying Consistent

After a whack of bail outs, things did not look great heading into our contest with league leaders Bradford Red.  We did manage to field a full team (barely) in time for kick off and even gave applied some pressure briefly in the beginning.  The tide soon turned however, as they displayed a coordinated attack and almost as much talent per pound as our own Brama bull.  But Will was solid as always, and his excellent positioning meant they shot wide on every attempt.  Kevin “I Work Out With Harper” Johnson was a hive of activity in the midfield, rushing and taking chances, and was complemented by Dave “Whatever You Drank Last Night, Drink That Every Time” Malt who showed a perfect midfielders instinct.  Just before half, Kevin’s constant pressure paid off, when a miscue by their defense allowed him the chance to beat the goalie to the ball and lob one over his head and into the net.  We went into the half up 1.

The second half was more even in terms of pressure, with both teams getting chances.  About a third of the way through Sutton was awarded a penalty and promptly converted, putting us up 2-0.  Bradford was not impressed with the call, and began to voice their concerns in an even more whiney style than usual.  A few minutes later they got on the scorecard with a well struck shot, but we respo0nded in kind to go up 3-1.  However, that leas was short lived when they were awarded quite possibly the worst penalty call I’ve ever seen.  Shoulder to shoulder head ball. They converted.  Afterwards, we pressured well, With Dave “That’s It, You’re Mid From Now On” Malt comically impersonating their complaining after a minor brush with one their players.  They scored on the last play of the game and we ended up tying.

Man of the Match: Dave “Peak” malt.

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