Our Cup Runneth Over

Yea…again we had a bunch of wins and guys played well.

OK, Sunday the 21st of August 2017 will go down in history as the day the Orillia O35 team won something in the league. That’s right boys…2017 Cup Champs!!

The game started off very inauspiciously, as we were all wondering if we would actually have 11 at game time. But Wilson showed up at a coont hair to kick off giving us 2 subs. We played well initially, with short crisp passes that usually ended in me passing to one of their players. Neither team had any real threats going though…perhaps it was the 30 degree heat and collective 31% body fat. No man in his late 30s or beyond should ever face a soccer game in those conditions. Barrie had the two best chances in the first with one being a shot from a sharp angle that Will pushed away and the other being a pass at the edge of the 6 yard box that somehow went through the legs of both Chris Miles and Ponytail “On the Game Sheet For Sure” Ringer. We went to the half tied at nil.

And there were a lot of hard faces around that bench.

In the second, even though we had the wind and sun to our advantage Barrie had by far the better chances. But whether a timely offside, a Johnny 82 seek and destroy run, or Kevin “Just Throw a Party Already” narrowly avoiding an own goal they just couldn’t seal the deal. But the continued pressure was getting to us…you could see the energy slowly draining from our team.

I had hope though…you see, there’s something I’ve noticed this year in particular with 2 of our best players – Iain and Hugo. They really choose their spots well, and don’t waste energy needlessly. A guy like me, well, all I have is effort because I have 0 talent (except for turnovers…lots of talent there). So I saw Hugo walking a lot..and I shit you not, I was thinking “save your energy Hugo, let them tire out…you only need 1 chance to change this game.” For like 10 minutes that thought was in my mind…and then it really did look like we were going to penalties.

But then it happened.

I don’t know who passed to Hugo but he got the ball, cut left, cut right, cut right again, and then I think after the 4th deke he was fouled. They were lunging, out of position, and just gassed. I didn’t see the foul, but the way that play unfolded you knew it was either a goal or a penalty. And sure enough…

That came in about the 92 minute….and like that, we were champs!

Man of the Match: Hugo “Do Whatever You Want Out There Bud” Vicente

Too…many…handsome champions…

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