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Bracebridge Tournament Results

Orillia Over 45’s WIN the 2017 Joe DiFabrizio Soccer Tournament!!!!!

Game Opponent Result
Sat 10am Muskoka L 3-1
Sat 12:30pm Rangers W 3-2
Sun 11:15am Orangeville T 1-1
Sun 3pm Hearts W 2-1

Next League Match

Kickoff Opponent Field

A hard fought season ends with a hard fought 3-3 tie.

Was a much better night to play last night than what we experienced last week. Calm, cool conditions with zero rain. Thought we had them when we were 3-1 up but they battled back late to snatch a point from us.

Johhny Andrew Ifill opened the scoring with a chip over the keeper and then three more headers to make sure it found the back of the net. Boddy finished a nice one-two with HVY with a low shot into the far corner that put us at 2-1 up and then our Magic Man Heip, with six guys on him in the second half, received a nice pass directly in front of goal and ever-so-gently placed it into the back of their net. That was our two goal cushion at 3-1 but we were unable to hold on and had to settle with the draw.

Great season overall guys. Thanks to Trevor and Art for playing net this year. We really need to find a solid keeper during the off-season. Someone who actually WANTS to play net would be nice! I’ll be doing my part scouting at Brewery Bay starting today.

We finished the season with 11 points. The highlight of the season was definitely winning the Bracebridge Tournament which I’m sure we’ll be back to defend next year.

Thanks to Kelsey’s for their support and sponsorship. Thanks to Robin for all her support dealing with the league and coming out to the games with coolers full of refreshments. Thanks to our fans who come out and cheer us on, which can be difficult at times. Your support is very much appreciated.

Stay tuned for any off-season get togethers as well as our AGM. We’ll also take another crack at getting new track suits for the team which should help our intimidation factor next year.

Take care guys. It’s been fun. Ciao!

Latest Results

Date Opponent Result Goal Scorers Points Total
Fri Oct 6 Barrie Packers T 3-3 Andrew Ifill
James Boddy
Heip Nguyen
Fri Sept 29 Barrie Packers L 1-0 10
Fri Sept 22 Innisfil L 7-3 James Boddy (2)
Trevor Spurgeon (P)
Fri Sept 15 @Barrie Packers W 7-1 James Boddy (3)
Andrew Ifill (2)
Paul Holdsworth (2)
Fri Sept 8 Wasaga Beach W 6-3 James Boddy (3)
Andrew Ifill (2)
Hans Van Yzendoorn
Fri Aug 25 @Orangeville L 2-0 4
Fri Aug 18 @Innisfil L 1-0 4
Fri Aug 11 @Wasaga Beach L 5-3 Jeff Doleweerd
Paul Carruthers
James Boddy
Fri July 28 Alliston L 4-0 4
Fri July 14 @Barrie FC L 2-1 Hans Van Yzendoorn 4
Fri July 14 @Innisfil L 3-2 James Boddy
Paul Holdsworth
Fri July 7 @Wasaga Beach L 6-2 Ian McEwan
Jeff Doleweerd
Cup Game
Fri June 16 Wasaga L 6-0 4
Fri June 16 Barrie FC W 5-4 Ian McEwan (2)
James Boddy
Paul Holdsworth
Art Bialas
Fri June 9 Innisfil L 3-2 James Boddy
Hans Van Yzendoorn
Fri June 2 @Barrie Packers T 2-2 Jeff Doleweerd
Paul Carruthers
Fri May 26 @Wasaga Beach L 2-1 Hans Van Yzendoorn 0

2017 Team

A Fine Pack of Silver Foxes

Player Goals
James Boddy 13
Andrew Ifill 5
Hans Van Yzendoorn 4
Paul Holdsworth 4
Ian McEwan 3
Jeff Doleweerd 3
Paul Carruthers 2
Art Bialas 1
Trevor Spurgeon 1
Heip Nguyen 1
Troy Rich
Tony Gulman
Cal Neeson
Don Muller
John Ritcey
Rudy Schafers
Danny McHugh
Alfred Raduner
John Scharf
  Adolfo Martinez

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