Sept 14th: A Black Tie Affair

Things were not looking good heading in attendance wise…Kyle had a hangnail, Ryan got a yeast infection, Shane went to Chippendales and no one could figure out what the hell Wilson was going to do..amongst others. So when we had 11 at kick off things looked promising. Bradford came out strong, but this game felt different, like we were never really under pressure, despite some hectic moments. About 20 minutes in we won a free kick and Hacksaw Daryl Duggan sent in a beauty kick that found Chris “I Got It This Time Boys” Gilewicz who flicked one just wide of the far post. Bradford responded in kind with a typical crisp passing play resulting in defensive chaos during which they hit each post back to back. But Will “Can I Touch Your Penis?” Gormaly scooped up the ball (with his hands) and calmly restored order. He booted it down the field where it was expertly flicked by Mike “Air Force One” Sutton, just missing sending Chris G clear. From there it was a more measured affair with Bradford having the balance of chances but never really getting traction – mostly due to the stellar play of our midfield, and the stone cold offensive shut down by Steve “That Should be Our Go To Defensive Arrangement” Mason. We went into the half tied 0-0.

It was more of the same in the second half, though we did gain the addition of one Welsh farmer. Though Bradford remained composed through the middle they never could mount anything substantial…except on set plays. This team has shown a few glaring weaknesses over the course of this season, and they are, in no particular order 1. Giving up late goals 2. Giving up goals in set pieces, and 3. Letting the one guy you know is dangerous score. All 3 of those factors came together on a corner with about 10 minutes left. Bradford got a corner and one hopped it through the box, where the one guy on their team that had shown any potential in that situation (he had two free headers of corners already in the game) moseyed in and nudged it home. It might have broken a weaker team, but not a team with as many pounds per inch as us. We started pressing, and won several kicks in succession just over their half that were placed dangerously in the box. on one such kick Will put one in the area the jumbled around and went to the chest of Wilson “The Mayan Prophecy” Zabala who controlled it beautifully and slotted in short side to tie it up. There were a few tense moments, but that was the score that would stand – 1-1.

Well played boys, we are really coming together. It only took a season, but considering how we made out against the top team in the league there is no reason we can’t win this whole thing next year if we keep this group together. We are really starting to click.

Man of the Match: Wilson “The Email Enigma” Zabala, with special mention to Steve “Kill Switch” Mason” and Chris “Nice Pantyhose” Gilewicz.

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