Sept 9 Vs Bradford Red

What can I say lads…its been a while. 6 ties are kind of boner killing….and the one time I really wanted to write one I had to go to the hospital. Anyway, it was a good showing tonight. We started strong, and had noticeably good passing, which is not a traditional Orillia strength. Bradford was giving us a good go for first 20 minutes or so, and at about the 25th Daniel-San made a good run and caught the ball in stride and I committed for him to shoot, only to have him punk my geriatric ass and leave Will with no choice but goonery. Shaft promptly converted the spot kick. We put the heat on afterwards. Hugo “Chatterbox” Vicente (a weak nickname, I know) hit the crossbar, and shortly thereafter Ryan “Run Forrest, Run!!” Davison curled one just over the crossbar as well. The chances were so numerous that everyone felt pretty confident going into half, even though we were down 1-0.

As the second began, it was more of the same. We dominated them like it was our job, and soon enough our persistence paid off. Ryan “That’s How Fuckin Good I am Bitches” Davison got the ball in area, did a few pirouettes and launched one that took a favourable deflection and went in the net. It seemed like we were destined to win, carrying the play and only giving up a few chances in our end (though to be fair, both were quality scoring chances with them just roofing it). About 2/3rds of the way through the second half a cross happened to catch Steve “That was a wicked body check in the Barrie Masters game btw” Mason in the elbow. They got a free kick, and some dude who you would never suspect possessed that kind of skill tucked one of the nicest shots you’ll ever see in this league into the top corner. We just went back at them, with Mark “Robert Baratheon” Bramhall hitting the crossbar yet again, and Chris “Switch Your Header Setting to ‘Offensive Zone'” Gilewicz showing that our team also has a bit of a roofie addiction. And yes, that was a quote within a quote. Anyway, despite our absolute control of the game – and I must say, everyone played really well tonight – we ended up losing 2-1. That’s ok though, as we’ll see these guys again. Cue the Jaws theme…

Man of the Match: “Ryan “What a Skilled Wipeout That Was” Davison. But again, everyone played extremely well. Probably the best team game we’ve played in years.

So I’ll see you all on Wednesday for a bullshit mid-week game.

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